UTSProfitAds: Getting Started Guide


UTSProfitAds is a revenue-sharing program. It is catching-up fast with AdHitProfits right now. Launched on June 16, 2013, UTSProfitAds is growing fast in terms of membership base, and sales of Advertisement Packages.

The profit-sharing part of UTSProfitAds is already in place and many members have already been paid. The first Ad Packages that I purchased have already earned more than its cost ($20) in less than 2 days!

It is important to note though, that the revenue shares are driven by the sales Ad Packages, so there is no fixed daily earnings rate. However, members are purchasing Advertising Packages in volumes, because the websites that they promote are guaranteed to be viewed.


How It Works?
Create a FREE Account
Buy Ad Packs

How It Works?

95% of sales from Ad Packs (Advertising Packages) are shared with all UTSProfitAds who purchased Ad Packs. Each Ad Pack costs $20, and it will earn up to $30 (150%).

  • $20 per Ad Pack
  • Earn up to $30 (150%)
  • NO VIEWING of Ads to earn
  • Accepts Payza and SolidTrustPay

UTSProfitAds Ad Pack

Members who purchased Ad Packs will receive marketings credits in the form of banner and text ad impressions (per Ad Pack) shown below:

  1. Banner Ads - 1000 banner ad credits/impressions that can be used to promote 468×60 banners.
  2. Text Ads1000 ad credits/impressions that can be used to promote a 4-line text advertisements.

UTSProfitAds Link Ads

Members who purchased Ad Packs will receive 10 ad credits/impressions per Ad Pack which they can use to promote their businesses in the Paid-To-Click Links page. The Link Ads provide guaranteed views to a member’s website.

Note: Members cannot promote a business or website that is immoral, illegal, hate or adult only sites

Payments and Withdrawals

SolidTrustPay and Payza payment processors are supported. The minimum withdrawals is $10.
  1. FREE Members - members who did not purchase Ad Packs. 30% is retained in the member’s UTSProfitAds account.
  2. Pro Members – members who purchased Ad Packs. 0% is retained.

Create a FREE Account

Follow the steps below to create a UTSProfitAds account:

  1. Click HERE to create an account.
  2. Click REGISTER from the top menu.
  3. Step 1: As shown in the screenshot above, enter your Name and E-mail address. (Note: I found out this is optional. You may just click the arrow!)
  4. Click the arrow.
  5. Step 2: Enter your information
  6. Click Join button.
  7. Check your email and confirm your registration

Buy Ad Packs

Fund your UTSProfitAds account,

Recommendation: Before you fund your account, open a separate tab in your browser and log into your payment processor account that you will use to fund your UTSProfitAds account.

  1. Click ADD FUNDS from the top menu.
  2. Enter the amount (each Ad Pack costs $20. A 5% fee will be added to cover the payment processor fee.)
  3. Select your payment processor of choice.
  4. Click the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox.
  5. Click Deposit Amount button.
  6. Complete the transaction in your selected payment processor. You need to enter your Secondary Password if you chose SolidTrustPay and Transaction PIN if you chose Payza.

Buy Ad Packs

  1. Click Buy Ad Packs from the menu in the left.
  2. Enter the number of ad packages.
  3. Click Purchase button.

Now, watch as your earnings grow!

To Our Success!

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