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AdHitProfits: Getting Started Guide


One of the popular programs of 2013, AdHitProfits is a revenue sharing program.It has captivated the imagination of many online earners when other programs fizzled. Unlike other programs that mainly depend of members’ deposits, AdHitProfits pays its membersfrom advertisement revenues/profits. The daily payments depends on the number of advertisement sales. However, because of its responsive [...]

HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide


WARNING! — HourlyChicRate is in trouble!!! Don’t join! Don’t put fresh funds! HourlyChicRate isĀ  a new program by John Miller, Admin/Owner of two (2) other programs, including HourlyChicPay. His other programs are doing well, and are frequently-paying in a timely basis. These helped me convinced to join this program, too. However, just like everything else [...]