RicanAdFunds: Payments Have Been Processed – 08/08/2013

Good News!!

The number 8 is viewed as a lucky number!! Today is August 8th (8/8) — A number of RicanAdFunds members have given feebacks in the FB groups (RicanAdFunds Philippines Group, RicanAdFunds International Group – I administer these groups, by the way) that they have received (some of) their pending withdrawals. Good News, indeed!

If you have received payments too, don’t forget to provide feedback. It will surely help provide fresh air! icon smile RicanAdFunds: Payments Have Been Processed   08/08/2013

Some of these payments are shown in the image below. Click to view a larger version.

raf payments 20130808 RicanAdFunds: Payments Have Been Processed   08/08/2013

RicanAdFunds Payments - 08/08/2013

Congrats to all who have been paid, today!

Latest Update – Payment of Withdrawals

Admin Russell posted the following schedule of payments.

Payment of Withdrawals
written by Russell ISMmagic, August 08, 2013
Richard is now paying RAF & ismAI withdrawals, we apologize for not starting yesterday.

The proposed payments schedule (revised) is

Pay Date Withdrawals to be Paid

8th Aug – 1st & 2nd Jul
9th Aug – 3rd & 4th Jul

12th Aug – 5th to 7th Jul
13th Aug – 8th & 9th Jul
14th Aug – 10th & 11th Jul
15th Aug – 12th to 14th Jul
16th Aug – 15th & 16th Jul

19th Aug – 17th & 18th Jul
20th Aug – 19th to 21st Jul
21st Aug – 22nd & 23rd Jul
22nd Aug – 24th & 25th Jul
23rd Aug – 26th to 28 Jul

26th Aug - UK Public Holiday
27th Aug – 29th & 30th Jul
28th Aug – 31st Jul & 1st Aug
29th Aug – 2nd to 4th Aug
30th Aug – 5th & 6th Aug

2nd Sep – 7th & 8th Aug
3rd Sep – 9th to 11th Aug
4th Sep – 12th & 13th Aug
5th Sep – ismMagic Jul Magic Bonus (not spent or transferred to e-wallet)
6th Sep – 14th & 15th Aug

9th Sep – 16th to 18th Aug
10th Sep – 19th & 20th Aug
11th Sep – 21st & 22nd Aug
12th Sep – 23rd to 25th Aug
13th Sep – 26th & 27th Aug

16th Sep – 28th & 29th Aug
17th Sep – 30th Aug to 1st Sep
18th Sep – 2nd & 3rd Sep
19th Sep – 4th & 5th Sep
20th Sep – 6th to 8th Sep

23rd Sep – 9th & 10th Sep
24th Sep – 11th & 12th Sep
25th Sep – 13th to 15th Sep
26th Sep – ismMagic Aug Magic Bonus (not spent or transferred to e-wallet)
27th Sep – 16th & 17th Sep

30th Sep – 18th & 19th Sep
1st Oct – 20th to 22nd Sep
2nd Oct – 23rd & 24th Sep

Thereafter payments will be 1 week in arrears.
ismMagic Bonus 10th working day after the month end.

Please inform your downline, too.
To Our Success!

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