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I got acquainted with Richard Cannon and Russell Chapman when I joined Swom Social Network. Back then, I might be already an experienced Software Engineer (having worked in the Software industry for year), but totally a newbie in the world of Internet Marketing. I have learned a lot of things from them.

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When they launched ismMagic Social Network on August 2011, I am one of the pioneer members. With Russell’s hands-on approach of managing ismMagic, the shortcomings of Swom were avoided and ismMagic Social Network gradually grow with high reputation.

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Davao City, Philippines

When I was asked to be, again a pioneer member of ismAdsIncome , I was not hesitant to join and promote it. Subsequently, RicanAdFunds was launched and is now one of the popular programs online. The reputation level continues to go up, which is not surprising at all.

Richard Cannon asked me to work for Rican Business Ventures, full-time. I may not be able to this time, due to my current obligations with my job here in Japan. But, it’s a future that I would definitely consider. Thank you for the confidence, Richard icon smile Rican Business Ventures Ltd.

A week ago, Richard Cannon went to the Philippines to do some presentations about Rican Business Ventures, Ltd. Although, I was not able to attend, (I am currently working in Japan), one of my trusted online friends (Alice Gomez) was kind enough to send me some updates of what have been discussed.

All credits goes to Alice Gomez for the ‘meat’ of this post. (More details will be added soon)

The official name of the main company is Rican Business Ventures, Ltd., referred shortly as RICAN (my is, it was taken from Richard’s name, RIchard CANnon). The following companies fall under RBV, which cater to specific purposes.

RBV Group of Companies

  1. Rican CF ( Capital Funding)
  2. Rican LT (Leisure and Travel)
  3. Rican HW (Health and Wellness)
  4. Rican FO (Financial Options)
  5. Rican PN (Professional Networks)
  6. Rican OM (Online Marketing)
  7. Rican Berlize
  8. Rican WebWorks
  9. Rican Import/Export (target market is the Philippines)

Rican CF (Capital Funding)

This is where all capital/investments are put in-place. They have investments in FOREX, ADVERTISING, BINARY OPTIONS. Forex alone gives a conservative income of 3%. Part of the income is used to pay daily obligations to ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds programs.

Rican LT (Leisure and Travel)

Specifically designed to people who love to travel. Rican LT acts as a cost manager. They only asks for 30% deposit and the rest can be paid in a year.

Rican HW (Health and Wellness)

Let’s face it. Health is Wealth. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important aspects in our life; and without a doubt, we often neglect it. Rican HW is a membership program, which allows members to receive 365/24/7 online professional support from doctors worldwide. Rican HW will be also selling health-related products at a considerable discount rate (they are now looking into good fruit juices in the Philippines).

Rican FO (Financial Options)

The main program, and one of the popular (if not the most) online programs right now is RicanAdFunds. More programs will be launched under Rican FO (Financial Options). Refer to my guides, below:

RicanAdFunds: Getting Started Guide
RicanAdFunds: Earnings Calculator

raf splash 1 Rican Business Ventures Ltd.

Earn 2% Daily with RicanAdFunds for 125 Days

Rican PN (Professional Networks)

Currently, ismMagic Social Network and ismAdsIncome. I am one of the Founding Members of ismMagic Social Network and pioneer member of ismAdsIncome.

ismAdsIncome: Getting Started Guide
ismAdsIncome: Earnings Calculator
IsmRican E-Wallet
ismMagic: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

ismadsincome splash Rican Business Ventures Ltd.

Earn 1.5% Daily with ismAdsIncome for 200 Days

Rican OM (Online Marketing)

For those who wants to advertise their programs, whether online or offline, with a minimal fee. More information will be added soon.

Rican Berlize

Manages all the websites under Rican Business Ventures, Ltd., located in Central America.

Rican WebWorks

Located in Morocco, this acts as an outsourcing company focused on building professional websites. My wife is a website developer, a graphics artist, maybe she can provide some help, in the future. With compensation, of course icon smile Rican Business Ventures Ltd.

Rican Import/Export

The primary reason of Richard’s visit to the Philippines. They are looking to bring world class quality Philippine products to the UK. I am not surprised! Many Japanese businessmen go to Baguio, Philippines to purchase handcrafted products and sell with considerable profit here in Japan.

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