NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Getting Started

NEO Mutual is a recently-launched program that utilizes Crowd Funding in its earning infrastructure.

I decided to join and put some investments, after careful considerations. Knowing that some members are the same people that I have worked in the past and/or currently collaborating in earning online, was also a factor.


1 – NEO Mutual In A Nutshell
2 – Join Now
3 – Account Dashboard
4 – Purchase Contributions
5 – Fund eWallet
6 – Make New Purchase
7 – Account Summary
8 – Set Processor Accounts
9 – Request Cashout
10 – Affiliate Tools
11 – My Downline
12 – Account History
13 – Support Tickets
14 – Facebook Support Group

NEO Mutual In A Nutshell

Founder / Owner

NEO Mutual Finance Inc. (Panama)
John Peterson (Founder and co-owner)

Date Launched

To test all resources, NEO Mutual was opened for a closed group of existing clients in January 2013. Went public in the 1st week of April 2013.

Compensation Levels

There are three (3) levels offered to suit everyone needs: Junior, Senior and Executive.

Refer to the image below for the details. Click to view a larger version.

neomutual NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

Referral Commissions

5% on direct referrals’ purchases. One (1) level only.

Payment Processors

NEO Mutual provides a number of widely-accepted e-Currency payment processors shown below,

Join Now

Make sure you see my referrer ID (wealthbb) when you register.
view screenshot NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide


  1. Click here to join NEO Mutual.
    Direct Link to Join:
  2. Click SIGN UP from the top menu.
  3. Enter your information.
  4. Make sure you see “Directly Referred By:    wealthbb
  5. Click the Signup button.

Account Dashboard

After you have successfully registered, log into NEO Mutual. Your Account Dashboard is shown below.

neomutual 1 NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Dashboard

Purchase Contributions

Purchasing Contributions is a 2-step process. Refer to the diagram below.

  1. Fund your NEO Mutual eWallet  – No funding fees!
  2. Make New Purchase
neomutual contribution NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Purchase Contributions

Fund eWallet

Follow these steps to fund your NEO Mutual eWallet,
view screenshot NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide


  1. Click the Fund eWallet icon from the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Processor.
  3. Enter Amount To Fund.
  4. Click the Fund eWallet button.
  5. Confirm the payment in your processor’s backoffice.

Make New Purchase

Follow these steps to purchase contributions,
view screenshot NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide


  1. Click the Make New Purchasee icon from the Dashboard.
  2. Choose purchase Type: (Junior, Senior)
  3. Enter Amount.
  4. Choose the eWallet Balance.
  5. Click the Purchase button.

Account Summary

After you logged into NEO Mutual, scroll-down to the Account Summary section. Confirm the following information:

  • Member Info – your NEO Mutual username
  • Referrel URL – your NEO Mutual affiliate link.
  • Directed Referred By – your upline’s user name. (Important: If you joined with my link, you should be wealthbb, my username)
neomutual ref NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Account Summary


Set Processor Accounts

Follow these steps to set your processor accounts,

  1. Click the Edit Preferences icon from the Dashboard.
  2. In the PREFERENCES screen, scroll-down to Processor Accounts.
  3. Click the [Edit Account] link to edit your processor accounts.
neomutual processors accounts NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Processor Accounts

Request Cashout

Follow these steps to request a cashout to Payment Processor,
view screenshot NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide


  1. Click the Request Cashout icon from the Dashboard.
  2. From the Request Cashout screen, enter the following:
    2.1 Processor - Select the payment processor
    2.2 Action - Select Withdrawal to Processor
    2.3 Confirm your payment processor’s Account ID
    2.4 Enter the Amount To Cashout
    2.5 Enter your Secondary Password
  3. Click the Request Cashout button.
  4. You have successfully requsted a cashout!” message is shown.

Pending Cashout

From the same Request Cashout screen, scroll-down to the Pending Cashout section. The pending cashouts are shown.

neomutual pending cashout NEO Mutual: Getting Started Guide

NEO Mutual - Pending Cashout


Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2, for each of the payment processors.

— To-be-added —
Affiliate Tools
My Downline
Account History
Edit Preferences
Support Tickets
— To-be-added —

Facebook Support Group

Facebook is a effective platform to create an ‘online community’. I created a personal NEO Mutual Support Group, whose objectives include but not limited to:

  • Collaborate with other NEO Mutual members by sharing knowledge, ideas, tips, guides
  • Build a relationship

Feel free to join here:

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