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Some members who have read my previous post, JustBeenPaid: Strategies To Quickly Cycle Your JSS Matrix have asked me for a sample of the email I sent to my JSS matrix downline, requesting them to purchase or upgrade placements.

The key elements to include in the email are purpose of the placements (as some members might not be familiar how placements work), your downline’s JSS Matrix system number and the placements’ system numbers.

Take the following image as an example.

The person in SPOT-2 is Jan-Henk Steutel. Jan matrix’s system number is 1163864, and his LEVEL-1 spots are SPOT-5 and SPOT-6 with placement system numbers are 1163881 and 1163882.

Note: This matrix has cycled already!

jssmatrix email JustBeenPaid: Email I Send To My JSS Matrix MembersClick the image to view a large version

I requested Jan to purchase the placements and I will upgrade them to PREMIUM afterwards. Shown below is the contents of my email to Jan .

Subject: How To Cycle Your JSS Matrix faster. Let’s Work Together!

Dear Jan,

How are you? I hope all is well with you and your family.

I am writing to let you know that we are in one or more of the same JSS matrices. Frederick Mann has given us an amazing opportunity and it would be such a waste if we don’t take the most from it.

Teamwork is vital in every successful endeavor.

In order for OUR JSS Matrices to cycle quickly, we need to work together. The way we do it is by sharing the expenses for JSS Placement(s) and PREMIUM upgrades. One member buys the Placement for $5, the other upgrades it to PREMIUM for $5.

Although a JSS Matrix will eventually cycle even the absence of placements, I hate to say this, but it might take a year to cycle. I’m sure cannot wait that longer.

When a JSS Matrix cycles, we receive a rebate of $60. Even if we spend $20 for any given JSS Matrix, when that matrix cycles, our NET earning is still $40. It is still a great earning and obviously better compared to waiting a year.

So, here’s how we can help each other.

I would like you to purchase placement(s) in your LEVEL-1 spots.
I will then upgrade those placement(s) to PREMIUM (s).

Here are the details of your JSS Matrix:
Matrix Number – System Number – 1163864
Placement # 1 – 1163881 – Kindly purchase this Placement, I will upgrade it to PREMIUM
Placement # 2 – 1163882 – Kindly purchase this Placement, I will upgrade it to PREMIUM

To check your JSS Matrix:
1. Login to JustBeenPaid (
2. Click the JSS menu
3. Click Enter the JSS Member Area
4. Click Positions
5. Search for your matrix number 1163864

If you are not familiar with placements yet, kindly refer to this guide that I created.
Don’t hesitate to contact me, when you need further assistance.


If you receive the same message as this from, DON’T DISREGARD it as we might be in another matrix.
Thank You. Success is a choice.

To Our Success,

Joey Dala
Software Engineer, Online Networker

If they don’t purchase/upgrade the placements, or don’t reply to your emails, try re-sending the email after a few days. One probable reason is that they have no funds on their JSS accounts. This happened to me many times. When they start to understand the JSS Matrix system, it will become easier to work with them. Take this reply I got as an example. It was very encouraging. I upgraded the placements to Premium right away.

Dear Joey,

Good morning!

I have already purchased placements according to your email.

Matrix #: 385128 “OK”
Placement # 1 – 552769
Placement # 2 – 552770

Matrix #: 385108 “OK”
Placement # 1 – 552753
Placement # 2 – 552754

Matrix #: 385112 “OK”
Placement # 1 – 552749
Placement # 2 – 552750

NOTE: If you have more, kindly inform me then I will proceed.

To our mutual Success! And your JSS partner,

Thank you and regards,
Joel F. De Lara

JustBeenPaid: Strategies To Quickly Cycle Your JSS Matrix

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