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JSS-Tripler is a revolutionary program under the JustBeenPaid (JBP) System, which is designed to be indefinitely sustainable; the latest JustBeenPaid launched on February 2011. Memberships are growing daily with an average of 150. Other JustBeenPaid (JBP) programs include JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS), JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster.

JustBeenPaid (JBP) has 2 programs:

JSS-Tripler In A Nutshell

  • $10 Advertising Positions, Multiple Purchases Allowed
  • Earn up to 2% Daily (2% on Weekdays, 1.5% on Weekends)
  • Increase Earnings With Daily Compounding!
  • Two-tier Referral Bonuses: 10% and 5%
  • No Sponsoring Required!
  • 24-36 Hours Payment
  • Supported e-Wallets : Payza (formerly AlertPay), SolidTrustPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money

How JSS-Tripler Works?

Members purchase Advertising Positions at $10 each. Every advertising position earns 2% on weekdays, and 1.5% of weekends. An advertising position matures when its earnings reaches $15, giving us a profit of $5 (for every advertising position that we purchased).

Each advertising position that we have gives us advertising credits to promote our other programs on the newly-launched JSS Traffic Exchange.
For every four (4) JSS-Tripler positions that mature, you get a FREE JSS (JustBeenPaid Synergy Surf) Matrix position that will pay you an additional $60 when this position cycles.

This is how your money is tripled.

  • Four JSS-Tripler positions are purchased for $40
  • These positions matured after earning $15 each (total $60)
  • Received one (1) JSS (JustBeenPaid Synergy Surf) position and receives $60 after it cycles
  • Total Earnings: $120

To take advantage of this, the suggested strategy in JSS-Tripler is to have positions that is multiple of four (4).

In order to receive the JSS (JustBeenPaid Synergy Surf) position though, you need to upgrade in JustBeenPaid! The upgrade fee is $15, which is valid for three (3) months.

Increase Earnings By Compounding

When your daily cash balance in JSS-Tripler reaches $10, you can use this to purchase new position to compound your earnings.

No Sponsoring Required

Although you don’t need to refer to earn, it is better to promote and refer new members because you earn a two-tier referral commissions (10% from your referrals, and 5% from your their referrals). If your referral purchase 10 positions, you earn $10 (Level-1 commission). If your referral’s referral purchase 10 positions, you earn $5 (Level-2 commission).

Ideal Strategy To Optimal Success

  • Join JustBeenPaid
  • Purchase JSS-Tripler Positions
  • Increase Earnings by Compounding
  • Cash-out Your Profits (Minimum of $20 per Withdrawal)

Not a member of the JSS-Tripler yet? Click here to join and start earning! I will help you promote. I will include your referral link in my personal rotator.

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