ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

ISMmagic: Integrated Social and Marketing Magic

ISMmagic (Integrated Social and Marketing Magic), is a Social Network for Internet Marketers, which provides a platform to promote businesses, earn income online from the comfort of your home.

One dilemma that confronts new members is, in most cases they are confused on how to get things started. This is not a mere observation, but based on experience I have with other paying social network sites such as Swom and Bizoppers.

ISMmagic, being a new social network is not an exception. But, I must admit, I am loving it there, already!

This ultimate beginner’s guide attempts to erase the doubts and confusions that might prevent you to have a magical and successful ISMmagic experience. While it depends on a anyone’s ability to absorb information quickly, I believe that by just following this guide, you will familiarize the site sooner than you would have thought.

ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

1. Login to ISMmagic website. (Click here to join if you are not a member, yet. Make sure it says, Presented by Joey Dala at the upper-right corner when you register. Otherwise, I may not be able to provide you direct support if you join with someone else.)

2. After you have successfully logged in, you get directed to your Profile pageClick the icon (shown on the image below) in the “About me” area to edit your profile.

ismmagic guide01 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

3. Change your Profile picture. (This is just my opinion, your decision is what that matters) While not mandatory, I suggest to use your own photo. It is about branding yourself. I don’t suggest using a photo of a mountain, a river, a cat, a dog, a mouse, a lion, a tiger, an emoticon, or a photo of US president Obama. Okay enough! Just use your own photo, will you? icon smile ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

ismmagic guide02 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

4. Edit your Profile.  Enter your Basic Information, your BizOps (business opportunities), Contact Information with your AlertPay account. Your ISMmagic earnings will be sent to this account. (Click here to create a free AlertPay account, if you don’t have one yet.) Don’t forget to save!

ismmagic guide03 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

5. Accept all Friend Requests. Click the icon as indicated on the image below. If you have pending friends, there will be a red icon with a number. Then click Accept next to all requests.

Note: When you are a connected or friend with other members, you can comment on their posts, post messages on their walls. They can also comment in your posts and post messages in your wall. You also earn points from these activities. I guess, having zero friends in your Profile page will spoil your beautiful profile photo. Lovely face, but zero friends?! icon smile ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

ismmagic guide04 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

6. Add Friends, as many as you can.  Click another member’s name or photo (TIP: Press the CTRL-key in your keyboard while clicking the name, or photo. This will open another tab in your browser. With this, you don’t have to leave your current page).  Once you are in their Profile page, click Add as friend.

Or, go to the Social Wall and click View all members as shown in the image below. Then, click Add as friend for every member you want to connect to.

ismmagic guide05 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

7. Post on the Social Wall. Click the Social Wall+Login menu. Others may call this, Dashboard. Enter your message on the field where it says, “Say what is on your mind…“.  Press the Enter-key, or click “Share“.

ismmagic guide06 2 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide

8. Join my ISMmagic group, Effective JustBeenPaid (JSS, JSS-Tripler). This is an active group! (Or, other groups that you think will benefit you.)

9. Spread the word, Promote. Click “My Account Menu -> AFFILIATE DETAILS” for your affiliate link. Promote this link in Facebook, Twitter, Swom, Bizoppers, Traffic Exchanges (EasyHits4U, TrafficR.US)

10. Have fun, and don’t forget to add me as a friend. Click here to go to my ISMmagic Profile page.

Check your Magic Points

1. Select “My Account Menu -> Magic Points Report

ismmagic guide09 ISMmagic: Ultimate Beginners Guide
Helpful ISMmagic Links

1. Getting Started
2. Earn With ISMmagic

Not a member of the ISMmagic yet? Click here to join and start earning.

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