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ISMmagic (Integrated Social and Marketing Magic), is a Social Network for Internet Marketers, which provides a platform to promote businesses, earn income online from the comfort of your home.

While earning money might be the primary motivation to join paying social networks such as ISMmagic, building friendship with peoples from different countries is a natural outcome. Friendships with peoples that we may never meet personally, yet the bond that goes along with this social interaction will probably last a lifetime. The Internet has come a long way. Social media is the new phenomenon!

It is said that, “No Man Is An Island”. Indeed. In a typical social network, having a lot of friends or contacts is also essential. The video below shows how to add friends or connect with other magicians (as ISMmagic members are called), whom you are not a friend with, or haven’t sent a request yet.

(Unfortunately) My sloppy laptop provides … what else, a sloppy video. So, pardon the sloppiness icon smile ISMmagic: How To Add Friends An option to watch this video (located at the bottom-right corner) is available.

Note: Once you have completed adding friends on all the members displayed on the current page, refresh the page by clicking the refresh button in your browser, to check for more friends to add.

The title of the background music is “Kokoro No Oto” (Sound of the Heart), by the Japanese band, Yuzu.

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