ismAdsIncome: Payment Proofs

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ismAdsIncome is a Marketing Network from the owners of ISMmagic Social Network. I’ve known the owners for more than a year already. They are highly-experienced in the industry.

They were mentors of sort when I’ve come to know them in Swom Social Network. Having known the Owners/Admins ismAdsIncome, I was not hesitant to join and actively promote this program. (Refer to the ismAdsIncome: Getting Started guide.)

Since then, I have been constantly paid. My payment processor of choice is SolidTrustPay (EGOPay and Liberty Reserve are also accepted). SolidTrustPay send a notification email, such as the one below, everytime I receive a payment from ismAdsIncome.


You have just received USD 125.00 into your SolidTrust Pay
account as a direct purchase from your website.

Item ID: Payment For Withraw To ——— From
ISMADSINCOME – Congratulation

from STPay username: ——

Email: —–

Transaction ID: 27xxxxx83

We appreciate your business. If you have any further queries,
please contact our support team.

ismAdsIncome payment for October 1, 2012 – $140.00

ismads payment 20121001 ismAdsIncome: Payment Proofs

ismAdsIncome Payment - October 1, 2012

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Click the following links for more information on these programs:

Click to join these programs: ismMagic Social Network, ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds

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