HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide


WARNING! — HourlyChicRate is in trouble!!! Don’t join! Don’t put fresh funds!

HourlyChicRate is  a new program by John Miller, Admin/Owner of two (2) other programs, including HourlyChicPay. His other programs are doing well, and are frequently-paying in a timely basis.

These helped me convinced to join this program, too. However, just like everything else in life, risks are always involved. So, take a sound judgement, accordingly. Invest only what you can afford to lose!

The good thing about HourlyChicRate is, a $15 FREE SIGNUP BONUS is provided, to help us test-drive the system.


How To Join?
Purchase Shares With The FREE $15
Setup Cashout Processors

How To Join?

If you are not a member yet, and is interested to join:

1. Click this link -> Get $15 FREE Signup Bonus!
2. Make sure you see my referral ID, wealthbb, when you register!
3. Enter your information and click REGISTER NOW.

hourlychicrate wealthbb HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide

Make sure you see 'wealthbb'

Purchase Shares With The FREE $15

After you register, each of the three (3) payment processors has $5 available (total $15). Follow the steps below to purchase shares using the $15 FREE Signup Bonus. You will purchase 5 shares thrice, using the different payment processors.

1. Click Buy Shares.

hcr purchase1 HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide

HourlyChicRate - Buy Shares

2. Choose XS Plan.
3. Click the radio button as indicated in the image below.
4. Click Submit.

hcr purchase2 HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide

HourlyChicRate - Choose Plan

5. Enter the number of shares: 5
6. Select Re-Purchase Balance.
7. Select the Processor.
8. Click Submit.

hcr purchase3 HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide

HourlyChicRate - Enter Shares

9. Repeat the steps above, but select a different processor in Step-7.


Setup Cashout Processors

Follow these steps to setup your Cashout Processors,

  1. Select ACCOUNT -> Profile from the top menu.
  2. Scroll-down to Cashout Processors section. Enter your Processors IDs, check the checkboxes. Click Update.
hcr cashout processors HourlyChicRate: Getting Started Guide

HourlyChicRate - Cashout Processors


Just like everything else in life, there are always risks involved. Take note though that if we don’t take risks, probably nothing will happen.

  1. Don’t invest your grocery money. Invest only what you can afford to lose!
  2. Once you have decided to invest, invest early and get your capital/seed money as soon as you can.
  3. The minimum withdrawal is $10. Withdraw from time to time.
  4. You may opt to compound. It is always to compound when you have already get your seed money.
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