Centurion Profits: Getting Started Guide


Centurion Profits is a new low-risk program designed and administered for sustainability. It has revenue shares kept at minimal returns  for longevity, Crowdfunding section and Auction packaged into one program.

The revenue shares part of the program vary from 1.00% to 1.70% earning per business day.


Plans & Revenues
Fund Your Account
Upgrade Membership

Plans & Revenues

Shown in the image below are the current four (4) plans members can choose from that suit their needs. (Click to view a larger version)

centurionprofits plans Centurion Profits: Getting Started Guide

Centurion Profits Plans

Fund Your Account

Each revenue plan requires a one-time Membership Fee (see the image above). One must upgrade his membership prior to purchasing ‘shares’. In order to upgrade your membership, you need to fund your account first.

To fund your Centurion Profits account,

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Scroll-down to E-Currencies Balance section in your dashboard. (You can also navigate to your dashboard by clicking Dash from the menu.)
  3. Click ADD next to your payment processor (SolidTrustPay or EgoPay)
  4. Follow the steps to fund your account.

Upgrade Membership

Ensure that you have already funded your account! To upgrade your Centurion Profits membership,

  1. Click Upgrade Membership from the menu.
  2. Choose your membership level (Starter=$2, Intermediate=$12, Advance=$23, Ultimate=$45)
  3. In the Pay Via section, select Site/Cash Balance
  4. Select the Payment Processor you just funded or you used to fund your account.
  5. Click Submit.

Click here to join Centurion Profits!

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