Centurion Profits: New Program

Centurion Profits is a new low-risk program (currently in pre-launch) designed and administered for sustainability. It has revenue shares kept at minimal returns  for longevity, Crowdfunding section and Auction packaged into one program.  Official Launch is on August 5, 2013.

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Plans & Revenues

Shown in the image below are the current four (4) plans members can choose from that suit their needs. (Click to view a larger version)

centurionprofits plans Centurion Profits: New Program

Centurion Profits Plans


Centurion Profits Details

  • Program Admins are Keith Curtis and Frank Dillon
  • There are no withdrawal fees
  • There is a mandatory 30%-repurchase on all shares purchased
  • Referral commissions in on all purchases and repurchases of shares
  • Accepts SolidTrustPay, EgoPay

Centurion Profits CrowdFunding

CrowdFunding is basically a collaboration of individuals who pooled resources to support efforts  of other people or organizations. This is optional!

Some of the benefits you can receive by participating in our CrowdFunding platform with as little as $10:

  • Receive your principal back on any plan
  • Receive cold, hard cash directly to your account
  • Receive real, physical products you can use
  • See actual results from our projects with videas and pictures
  • Receive bonuses to your account so you can earn more
  • Receive many more perks too!

Some bonuses in the future:

  • More ref commissions
  • Bigger percentages for plans
  • No mandatory repurchase (means you keep all your money)

Centurion Profits Auctions

This is just an added twist to the program. This is optional!

Features of the Auctions are as follows:

  • Advertising directy on our front page where hundreds and thousands of visitors and members will see your promotional item.
  • Auctions that GUARANTEE earnings directly to you upon the winning bid.
  • Great competition and friendly fun.
  • Cheaper bid packs with winnings.
  • Win cold, hard cash paid directly to you.
  • More bonuses and perks added directly to your account.

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