BizOppers: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


BizOppers is an active social networking community for network marketing and home-based businesses. With more than 190K members so far, hundreds are joining everyday, making it one of the fastest-growing social networks today. Members get paid by socializing, while having the opportunity of promoting their online businesses.

While the BizOppers website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, new members sometimes don’t have any idea on how to start bizopping (a term for BizOppers’ activities). This post acts as a guide to new members on their BizOppers journey.

I am a newbie, what should I do?

  1. Upload a profile picture, and provide information about yourself. This is essential because, this will help you brand yourself.
  2. Post a message on the Dashboard. This is to inform other members about your presence. You can post a greeting. Without a doubt, you will receive a warm welcome from other members.
  3. Accept all connection requests. You can only communicate directly with other members you are connected with. Most likely though, other members are already aware of you and have already sent requests to connect, even before you completed setting up your profile. Having a huge number of contacts is important because they are leads to your programs.

BizOppers Pre-Launch Video

BizOppers In A Nutshell

You earn a commission from your shares in the Community Participation Bonus Pool (Click here for more information on the Community Participation Bonus). In order to earn shares, you need community points. You gain community points by interacting (positively) with other BizOppers members.

When you post a message or a reply, there is a Like under your post. You receive 2 points every time other members click the Like in your posts, or gives you a Like.

Members (whether Blue or Gold) can earn up to 200 points a day (excluding Community Chest Points). Community Points (5 – 100 points) are randomly given based on the member’s activities. An active member has higher chances of winning community chest points, but not guaranteed.

What members can do and how to earn points?

Blue Member:

  1. Earns 2 points every time Gold members give him Likes, or like his post/comment.
  2. Cannot give Likes.
  3. Cannot post videos from YouTube.
  4. Cannot vote videos, or give TUs/TDs.
  5. Has limited Profile views (can only view up to 100 profiles a day)
  6. Cannot earn commissions. However, when a blue member upgrades before the calculation of commissions every first day of the each month, all accumulated points are carried-over, and he earns commissions from those points.

Gold Member:

  1. Earns 2 points every time other Gold members give him Likes, or like his post/comment.
  2. Can give 50 Likes a day. Earns 1 point every time he gives a Like to different members. If he gives a Like to a member more than once a day, only 1 point is earned, as no points are earned for subsequent Likes.
  3. Can post videos from YouTube. Earns 5 points every time other Gold members votes-up his video, or give him a TU. Gets deducted by 2 points every time other Gold members votes-down his video, or give him a TD. The member who gives the TD is also deducted by 1 point. (Suggestion: Avoid giving TDs as it creates bad will!)
  4. Can give 20 TUs/TDs a day. No points are earned.
  5. Has unlimited Profile views.
  6. Can earn commissions!!! – Click here for more information.

Upload a Profile Photo

1. Click the BizOppers logo to go to the Welcome page.

bizoppers upload01 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

2. Click Change photo as shown in the image below.

bizoppers upload02 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide
3. Choose a photo and click Upload.

bizoppers upload03 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Post a Message on the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the place where most of the activities takes place. Whatever you post here is also posted in your Profile page, and is visible to all members. You can also see other members’ posts, here.

1. Click the News Feed from the Welcome page.

bizoppers postmsg01 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

2. Enter your new status then click the Share button.

bizoppers postmsg02 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

3. It won’t take long for other members to take notice as this is a very active social network, add their comments, give you Likes (you earn 2 points for each Like from every unique Gold member). Reply to their comments, create a conversation and you will start building a professional relationship.

bizoppers postmsg04 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Accept Connection Requests

Active members are requesting connections everyday. Having a great number of connections is important because they are leads/potential affiliates to your programs or businesses. It is very likely that most active members have already requested connections to you, before you even managed to complete your Profile. Another reason is Gold Evangelist Bonus (more on this on a separate post.)

1. You will notice when you have outstanding connection requests because the icon as indicated on the image below will have a number on it (on this case, I have 2 outstanding connection requests).

bizoppers connections01 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

2. Click the icon shown in the image and you will see the members who requested the connections. Click the Accept button to individually accept the request.

bizoppers connections03 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

3. Alternatively, you can click the Accept all button on the Dashboard (I prefer this one).

bizoppers connections02 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

4. You will see all the notifications in your Profile page.

bizoppers connections04 BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

What is my referral link?

Click the Promo Tools on the Welcome page. Search for Your Unique Referral Link (see the image below). Promote this link in Facebook, Twitter, Swom, ISMmagic, Traffic Exchanges (EasyHits4U, TrafficR.US) and everywhere …

bizoppers referrallink BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Who is my sponsor?

Just above your referral link is Your Referrer.

bizoppers sponsor BizOppers: Ultimate Beginners Guide

BizOppers Lingo

Listed below are some of the phrases or terminologies used by members in the BizOppers community.

  1. Blue Member – refers to a member that is NOT upgraded, or simply, a FREE member. The color of the member’s name is Blue.
  2. Gold Member – refers to a member that is upgraded. The color of the member’s name is Gold.
  3. TU – Thumbs Up. (A Gold member clicks the thumbs-up button beneath a video)
  4. TD – Thumbs Down. (A Gold member clicks the thumbs-down button beneath a video)

Not a member of the Bizoppers Community yet? Click here to join and start earning!

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