AdHitProfits: Getting Started Guide


One of the popular programs of 2013, AdHitProfits is a revenue sharing program.It has captivated the imagination of many online earners when other programs fizzled.

Unlike other programs that mainly depend of members’ deposits, AdHitProfits pays its membersfrom advertisement revenues/profits. The daily payments depends on the number of advertisement sales.

However, because of its responsive advertising, AdHitProfits generates high number of sales, which inturn higher shares (for the day) to its members.


How It Works?
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How It Works?

How AdHitProfits works is very simple:

  1. Purchase a directory listing (a.k.a. Share) for $45, and receive 1,000 visitors (or ad impressions).
  2. Click 10 Advertisements a day to receive revenue shares.
  3. Each Share can earn up to $56.25 (125%)

The sources of revenues include:

  1. Directory Listings & Website Traffic (Included In Your $45 Purchase)
  2. Forum Advertising Services (Sold Separately)
  3. 728×90 LeaderBoard Ads (Sold Separately)
  4. 125×125 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
  5. 468×60 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
  6. Vacation Mode (Sold Separately)
  7. Share Auto-Repurchase (Sold Separately)
  8. EzyBonds Shared Transaction Fees (Sold Separately)

Payment Processors

The following payment processors are supported,

  • Payza
  • SolidTrustPay
  • EzyBonds

Create a FREE Account

Follow the steps below to create a FREE account. (Free members can earn referral commissions!)

  1. Click to create a FREE account.
  2. Click Sign up (top-left of the page).
  3. Enter your information. Make sure you see, “Your enroller’s name Joey WealthBuilderBiz
  4. Accept the “Terms and Conditions“.
  5. Click Register Me.
  6. Check your email and confirm your registration.

Manage Account

After you have confirmed your registration, log into your AdHitProfits backoffice to manage your account.

Purchase Shares

Purchase shares in order to receive revenue shares. Each share costs $45 and will earn maximum revenue of $56.25 (125%).

To purchase shares,

1. Click Upgrade Level from your dashboard.  (Click Dashboard at the top menu to go to your dashboard).


2. Enter the number of shares, select your preferred payment processor, then click Preview.


3. Click Pay Now. You will be redirected to your selected payment processor’s website.

Profile & Security

Under the Profile & Security menu on the left,

  1. Select Account Details to setup your account details, and Payment Processor Settings.
  2. Select Security Setting to change your current password, enter your Secondary Password and Transaction Pin.

Advertisement Setup

To setup your directory listing / advertisement, select Setup Listing under Advertisement Setup from the menu on the left, then enter your ad’s information.

Each advertisement will receive 1000 visitors.

View Ads

View ten (10) ads daily in order to earn revenue shares.  To view ads,

1. Click View Ads from the top menu. Click one of the ads shown. (If necessary, click the Reload page to display new set of ads)

2. Follow the steps shown in the image below.

3. Repeat until you have clicked ten (10) ads. Do this everyday, before the timer runs out! Click the Dashboard menu at the top to know the available time (shown below) you need to view ads.

adh timer AdHitProfits: Getting Started Guide

It won’t take more than two (2) minutes to view 10 ads, as each advertisement has a 10-second timer!

JOIN HERE and start earning!

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